Cheapest International Calls to Taiwan landlines

Country code to call Taiwan is: + 886

How to make cheap international calls from your landline using call-through companies below:
Dial low cost access number for the Taiwan landline destination (cheap call rate)
At the prompt dial the international phone number starting with "00" and destination number (your international destination telephnone number).
Your international call's low rate will then be conveniently charged to your current phone bill.
For example to make a call to Taiwan: dial chosen company's telephone number, wait for connection, dial you international telephone number 00886 123 456789
Company Access Number Rate p/min Website
Taiwan  DiscountDial 08442009090 0.5 DiscountDial
Taiwan  Dial4Discount 08447270011 1.0 Dial4Discount
Taiwan  Briing 08432535353 1.0 Briing
Taiwan  BestMinutes 08448615959 1.0 BestMinutes
Taiwan  TalknTalk 08444002020 1.0 TalknTalk
Taiwan  CheapCall 08447440015 2.0 CheapCall
Taiwan  TeleSavers 08444622828 2.0 TeleSavers
Taiwan  TeleDiscount 08444629595 2.0 TeleDiscount
Taiwan  TeleStunt 08444628484 2.0 TeleStunt
Taiwan Taipei 123Call 08449728801 2.0 123Call
Taiwan  PhoneCheap 08444623939 2.0 PhoneCheap
Taiwan  DialAround 08444623434 2.0 DialAround
Taiwan  CheapCall 08447440015 2.0 CheapCall
Taiwan  Briing 08447440013 2.0 Briing
Taiwan  Just-Dial 08448380990 2.0 Just-Dial
Taiwan  PhoneBird 08447472473 2.0 PhoneBird
Taiwan  DialWise 08444623030 2.0 DialWise
Taiwan  JoyTelecom 08447321111 3.0 JoyTelecom
Taiwan  123Call 08445938801 3.0 123Call
Taiwan  RingSid 08446260070 3.0 RingSid
Taiwan  CheapestCalls 08444393232 3.0 CheapestCalls
Taiwan  TeleSave 08715044444 10.0 TeleSave
As you can see using call through low-cost access numbers to make cheap international phone calls you can save incredible amounts on your phone bill. Without registration, credit cards or pre-payment. Don't need pin in comparison with a phone card. Compare call-through company's cheap phone rates with other telecom providers and start saving! If your telephone line is from BT you can confirm how much BT charges for these low cost access numbers by clicking here and then compare how much BT charges for international calls by clicking here. Huge savings for international calls, now you can make cheap telephone calls to Taiwan and pay much less on your phone bill! We do not endorse or recommend any specific companies or services, we just offer comparison between cheap international telephone companies for you. Visit provided links to cheapest phone companies to find lates deals on how to make low rate international telephone calls.

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